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What is Collagen?

Skin and Joint Health

Collagen is the most common type of protein found in our bodies, and it is also the most abundant! It has a distinct structure that resembles fibres, and this structure contributes to the formation of connective tissue. Connective tissue is extremely important because it connects various parts of our bodies and provides structure and support. Collagen is a key component of many types of connective tissue, including bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage.

In addition to providing structural support, collagen has many potential benefits such as improving skin elasticity, promoting joint health, and contributing to healthy hair and nails.

Collagen at BioCorp

High Quality Collagen

At BioCorp Nutrition Labs, we take pride in producing high-quality collagen protein that meets our customers' needs. We understand that collagen is an important component in many health and beauty products, and we're committed to helping our clients bring their collagen-based products to market quickly and efficiently.

Our manufacturing process is comprehensive and thorough. We carefully select and assemble different types of collagen to create the specific formulation needed for each product. We then conduct post-filling inspections to ensure that each batch meets our high standards of quality.

We're dedicated to providing the most competitive prices in the industry without sacrificing quality. We believe that our customers shouldn't have to choose between affordability and quality, and we strive to strike a balance between the two.

Questions? You’re covered.

We check every batch of every product for the presence of heavy metals and microorganisms. We carry out these tests in our state-of-the-art, FDA and CGMP accredited facilities.

Our quality assurance services are designed to assist you in achieving current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance, which is essential for gaining access to the market. These services include performing independent accredited GMP audits, conducting quality assurance inspections, and testing the potency and purity of raw materials and finished products.

It is advised to store your collagen protein products in a cool, dry place.

It typically takes 4 weeks for us to manufacture your custom collagen protein supplement. This depends on the complexity of the formula, quantity ordered and a number of ingredients. The production process includes raw material procurement, product testing, manufacturing, quality assurance and shipping. If you’re working with a tight timeline, please get in touch with our team so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Why Use BioCorp Nutrition Labs Services

One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

Manufacturing, label design and packaging service available all in one place.

Production Quality

Production Quality

We follow strict production procedures to ensure your products are of the highest quality.

Flexibility & Speed

Flexibility & Speed

We offer high quality products that come in many formats with rapid processing times and cost-control procedures

Certified Facility

Certified Facility

Our facility is FDA registered and cGMP compliant ensuring the highest production quality and adherence with the regulation.

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